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24 Aug 2019 in News

Author : sdraper

Highs and Lows in this game… highs and lows. What a mad summer it is!

I’m cast in the Sky ‘Start of the Season’ promo ad, as a bona fide Derby County Supporter – thoroughly authentic, with the Marriott shirt and Derby accent too! … Cue the night before the shoot, when we receive the call sheet – and I realise I’m down as a Newcastle Fan !!!?! and a daughter ?!? good job it wasn’t Forest, I suppose. Have they got mixed up with the black and white? do they know my Newcastle accent needs work? Do they realise I’m 46 and need a ‘mother’ who is at least 66ish?

I lie awake in bed anxious about these things, but able to do nothing except turn up at the location at the call time and hope for the best.

Turns out they DO want Newcastle fans, they HAVE got a ‘mother’ character (lovely actress from Manchester… who went for the role of ‘Scottish landlady’ and is equally as confused) and won’t be needing us to speak. Phew. We film our bit. We get on well as mum and daughter and it’s fun. It’s a bit too much fun as we get told off for not looking ‘seriously’ enough to camera for a serious shot… but we do well and everyone’s happy.

Except our ‘bit’ doesn’t make the final edit and our buyouts (which I’ve already spent – how stupid am I?) disappear like Derby’s chance of promotion after *that* playoff final against Aston Villa…


Back down to London for a casting for an absolutely lovely Johnson & Johnson online ad shooting in Amsterdam ! and before I can say ‘Travel Sickness’ I’m jetting off from East Mids to Amsterdam to work with the amazing director Joe Roberts for Smarthouse Films.

Turns out the actress for one of the other spots is a former Air Stewardess and after a great night out after shooting and pancakes in the morning, she sorts my flying anxiety and travel sickness out with soothing words and Dutch travel pills. I know what you’re thinking but they WERE actual travel sickness pills from a proper chemist…

I think …

I return to East Midlands Airport with a relaxed vibe and a stomach of steel. Really looking forward to seeing Joe’s films.

Highs and lows. Highs and lows.

I love my job.




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