One Lady Driver

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03 Mar 2018 in News

Author : sdraper

Had a great time performing an excerpt from ‘One Lady Driver’, a one act comedic play by Helen Solomon, at the Derby Theatre Spring Scratch night, hosted by In Good Company. The play had been written some time before and read aloud at one of the ‘play Shuffle’ nights – leading to being accepted for the scratch evening. Some great audience laughs and very useful feedback. Here’s what O.L.D is all about:

As Trish approaches the menopause she puts her life under the microscope. lt looks like she’s got everything – a nice house, doting husband, two big kids – but keeping up the facade is hard work and Trish is about to crack. When her best friend encourages her to follow a menopause self-help plan, Hatching the Hag, Trish finds herself on an unstoppable journey along a path she never expected. An existential comedy about one woman’s mid-life crisis, One Lady Driver takes its hat off to mid-lifers, and bows to a woman who, despite all the odds, never gives up.


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