Parallel Lines – Chorus Theatre
In conjunction with the centenary of the First World War, and exhibitions at Diseworth Heritage Centre, Chorus Theatre were commissioned to produce a piece of theatre for the villages of Diseworth and Long Whatton, and ‘Parallel Lines’ was created. I play the part of Jodie, a modern-day soldier stationed in the Middle East, with the wonderful John Savage playing the part of Joseph – a soldier serving in the First World War. The theme of the play is communication – then and now. We see Jodie, with all the many facets of modern technology at her fingertips, able to communicate with her loved ones whilst on the front line. All Joseph has is letters… but many of them. Eventually Jodie and Joseph meet – and the audience are treated to a meeting of minds over a divide of generations. Initial frictions eventually give way to shared understandings about humanity and war. Writer and Director Andrew McWilliam: “The play was written following a series of creative workshops with schoolchildren in Diseworth and Long Whatton. The young people were encouraged to create letters to and from soldiers and also to write using contemporary forms of communications such as social media. They created […]
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