CAMILLA, CAT and JULES 2017 – The Weinstein scandal breaks, MeToo and Time’s Up movements born. Fallon resigns from government for “touching someones knee”. A new wave of feminism begins (is this one the fourth or the fifth? I’m losing count now) – It’s SO effective that the USA elects a pussy grabber for president. 2019 – The dust has settled, dried in the intense heat of 2018, been pissed on and turned into sludge. 3 very different women are wading through it. 3 monologues, born out of an actress responding in character whilst all the furore was ‘kicking off’. Stupid and poignant. It’s quite funny actually.   I always knew I had a one woman show burning up inside me and was working on poetry and comedy scripts… until October of 2017 when the Weinstein scandal broke. Shortly after, Fallon resigned from Government and we realised that parliament had it’s problems too. The surrounding media furore, voices and opinions, and my shouted response to all of that – most of the time assuming characters!, was the catalyst I needed to kick my arse into gear. So, I wrote my characters; Camilla, Cat and Jules, their own monologues. As I […]
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