Alfred’s War R&D
Just had a fantastic three weeks working in Derby and Leicester, on research and development of a script by writer Marilyn Ricci. A period piece, based on a true story of a Jewish man who adopted a false identity during the second world war, working closely with the Nazis while plotting behind their backs with the Belgian resistance. Synopsis here: Alfred’s War: Brief Synopsis Ten days before the Allied liberation of Brussels in 1944, Alfred Adler, a German Jew, is passing as an Afrikaans businessman trading with the Nazis. He hasn’t managed, however, to get ‘soi– disant’ (so-called) removed from his papers. Despite this, he’s hiding another Jew and anti-semitic Belgian Nationalists on the third floor of his house, renting the second floor to disillusioned Gestapo people whilst running guns and information to the Belgian Resistance. Denounced as a collaborator when the Brits arrive he’s jailed but still can’t reveal his true identity – all Germans, including Jews, are being rounded up because Jewish collaboration was not unknown. He narrowly escapes the death penalty. Based on a true story, this play is entirely relevant today as it confronts the deadly and complex consequences of economic meltdown, war, forced migration and so-called ‘outsider’ […]
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