Thrilled to have recently worked on the short film ‘Spaceman’ by On The Ball Films . I play the part of the mother of a girl who’s father (my husband) has recently died. Both characters are struggling with their grief and finding it hard to connect again. It was a joy to work with Maisie, who played the part of Jessica and to film at the Cholera monument in Sheffield, with a fantastic view over the town. Here’s what On The Ball say about the film: “At the heart of it, “Spaceman” is a very simple story. It follows the central character, Jessica, over a few days of her life and what she is going through. Her father, who used to take her stargazing, is no longer in her life and she has convinced herself that aliens must have noticed them and taken her father away. But of course, life is rarely ever that simple. (Or complicated, depending upon your perspective!). So, here is the story of Jessica, her mother and her father. It is about finding ourselves, and about how we react to one another, and how our minds react throughout difficult periods in our lives.”
20 May 2017 in News, by