Absolutely thrilled to have been cast in the small role of Anne Hudson, in the forthcoming BBC action period drama about the Gunpowder Plot, due to be on our screens in November… Had a fantastic day filming my scene up in Batley last Thursday, the day of storm Doris! (my trailer was rocking a bit! ha ha). My scene includes characters played by Kit Harington from Game of Thrones and one of my favourite comics, Kevin Eldon. I also enjoyed working with other fellow actors Ed Holcroft, Vivienne Soan, Richard Hand and Beatrice Comins. I can’t post any pics of me in my costume or details about the plot as yet, but here’s what the BBC has published about it so far:¬†Gunpowder
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Filming for Affixxius
Had possibly the coldest day on set, filming a promo film for company Hyphen in Leicester, for one of their close partners, Affixxius films. I played the part of a lonely florist, lamenting her lack of customers. Besides the fact that it was possibly the coldest and windiest day of the year, the people of Leicester just weren’t impressed with my branding! until… Hyphen get involved and change everything and lo and behold… a shop with new signage, web presence and possibly fresh tulips! Filming in an actual bone fide florist shop meant that it was COLD – inside as well as out. Thick coats at the ready – and lots of whipping it off on the word “action”. Good to work with the Affixxius team.
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