Scorzayzee “Gangsta Wraps (Take The Throne)”
Well, here it is… Gangsta Wraps was finally released on October 9th 2016. I’m the ‘lady’ in WacDonalds, scared whitless with my little-un (played by my very own Eddie Draper) – blink and you might miss us 😉 so stay eagle eyed! but had a fab night with Joe Dempsey, Aaron Smith & of course, the man himself – the wonderful Scorzayzee
10 Oct 2016 in News, by
Whisky Stain – “Human Touch” music video
Filmed a scene for the band Whisky Stain today – for their forthcoming single called “Human Touch” – Featuring the fabulous actors Nic Harvey, Johnny Kinch and Lewis Fernandez. I play the part of Johnny Kinch’s characters’ wife, who has lost her hair through chemotherapy treatment. Got to work with the wonderful Russ Noon of Mornray Films. really looking forward to the finished vid – here are some Unit stills and behind the scenes pics…
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