Junction 6
Filmed my scenes for ‘Junction 6′ today – a film produced by Outward Film Network. The film centres around Darren (played by Laurence Saunders) – a guy who finds himself caught up in debt and owing money to one of the ever-growing pool of ‘everyday loan’ companies (or ‘loan sharks’, to use the correct term…). We follow Darren as he is faced with a very difficult decision, culminating in probably the worst day of his life. I play the part of Darren’s wife, Jane – a health worker who is doing her best but stressed out with the impending money worries and Darren’s unemployment, and who is unfortunately unaware of the exact extent of Darren’s debt… The filming in Walsall took place in a house kindly donated by a family on a Sunday (as this was the only day all cast and crew could make for these scenes) and the only obstacles¬†on set were to do with sound. These included the next-door neighbours D-I-Y (intermittant drilling),¬†the family dogs who were distractingly cute! and the family oven which was busily (and loudly) roasting a chicken at the reverse-scene point… a job for our sound lady in post. The kitchen also began […]
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