Linney film for Vow
Some more lovely filming today for Linney, who were producing an internal film for a company called Vow. Vow are part of the Evo group and supply all manner of stationery and office supplies. The idea behind the film was to show off the company, from order to end user – and I played the part of the telephone operator taking the call. The film ends with a ‘reveal’ moment where the walls of my ‘office’ glide away to reveal the companies’ vast bustling warehouse. So, the filming took place in the vast warehouse in Lutterworth – a good health & safety briefing was had before us ‘arty’ types (with our film equipment and office walls on casters!) were allowed anywhere near the huge warehouse & forklifts zooming around… lots of fun and the director was very pleased with the result so a good job all round.
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NEAT 16 Experience
Well, what can I say? what a profoundly amazing 3 weeks it’s been ! currated by the most brilliant director Susannah Tresilian. So proud and honoured to have been a part of it and to have worked with a whole range of european artists (we can also still class UK artists as european, right?!…) Here are the pieces myself and my fellow ‘NEAT Ensemble’ actors (Rebecca D’Souza, Hazel Ellerby, Karl Haynes and Rob Goll) worked on; Mihaela, The Tiger of Our Town by Gianina Carbunariu (Romania) – Our first complete play rehearsed reading. Surreal and funny but makes you think about ‘the other’ for a long time afterwards… The Syrian Monologues – The UK premier of the responses by April de Angelis, Sara Pascoe, Hassan abdulrazzak, Hannah Khalil, Barney Norris and Malu Halasa. I was moved beyond words by this event. We spent most of the rehearsals just trying to get through the readings without crying at certain points! very pleased to say we all managed to be strong and perform them without breaking down, but still giving them the dignity, humour and performance they deserved. I urge anyone to try to seek out & listen to individual testimonies of […]
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