Help-Link Ad
Filmed a commercial for Help-Link in Manchester today. It only takes about 2 hours for me to drive to Manchester, so set off just before 6am for the cross-country journey in wind, sleet and, over the hilltops, driving snow! (most odd to see the April daffodils and blossom covered in a carpet of snow) Enjoyed meeting the crew at unit base – which was a social club building (in a residential area near to the gorgeous house we were filming in) that had seemingly not been touched since the 1980’s. It’d be a great venue for film or tv. In the ad, I play the part of ‘Debs’ (wife to ‘Dave’) and is non-plussed by the fact that ‘The Boiler’s Gone” !… keep your eyes peeled, should be out in a couple of weeks and will be running on tv for a year.
29 Apr 2016 in News, by