Troublesome People at the Edinburgh Fringe
Well, Troublesome People did it’s full run at the Edinburgh Fringe – from 10th-29th August – 3 weeks – Phew! loved every minute. Great audiences & feedback, lovely reviews and lots of fun taking in loads of other shows…worked hard, played hard!… Here are some highlights of my festival diary: Sat Aug 8th – “Here we are at last! exciting stuff – got to Edinburgh in the early hours yesterday 1.45ish I think and finally got to bed at 3am! managed a few hours sleep, then ‘up and at ’em’ for a full cast meet up at Rowan & Franks apartment at 11am. Everyone was in good spirits and excited, and the kids were as good as gold, so we managed to have a good look at all the line cuts in the script. We also did some ‘impro-practice-flyering’ on each other – hilarious! good to see each others techniques and maybe use some good ‘lines’ or tactics ourselves. Quick run-through of the updated script in the kitchen, then back to our beautiful flat and a good rest and huge sleep.” Tue Aug 11th – “Last night was first night – and was fabulous! almost a full house, and a […]
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