Filming for Linney Design
  Had a great time at Linney Design in Mansfield, filming a set of internal films for their staff, about their new communications system. Fellow actor Alan Turton and I filmed seven funny sketches (great to do some comedy!). These were then interlaced with me being a bit more ‘serious’ (although still highly enthusiastic!) when explaining the finer details of the system. I’ve worked for Linney before but this was being filmed actually on site at the Linney head office – I didn’t realise just how massive the Linney Group is – and how forward-thinking and modern. And they now have a communications system (phone, computers, apps etc) to match!
06 Aug 2015 in News, by
Newstead Abbey Promo Film
Took the boys to Newstead Abbey today, as I’d been asked to help out with some promo films for Nottingham – Newstead Abbey, Wollaton and The Castle. Beautiful venue – we shot sections at a waterfall and some stepping stones; luckily nobody fell in!
04 Aug 2015 in News, by