Scorzayzee Music Video
What a night! was asked to be part of rapper Scorzayzee’s new music video for a track called ‘Gangsta Wraps’ filming at a fast food place in Nottingham. In the video I play a mum with a small child, so we enlisted the help of Eddie, my 9 year old who, at times, could not contain his excitement – even when we wrapped at 2am! my eldest, Alex, also came along to take in the atmosphere on set – and meet Dean of course. Dean is great – extremely talented and warm hearted. Can’t wait to see the vid. Here’s the article on Scorzayzee that appeared in The Guardian in May. Download his album – Peace to the Puzzle – it’s top.
28 Jul 2015 in News, by
Troublesome People at the Buxton Fringe Festival
Great few days at the Buxton Fringe – I think we were pleasantly surprised by the audience numbers, as they were nice sizes, with great responses. The Buxton Festival thrives each year and has the added bonus of being situated in a stunning part of the country – picturesque and rich with history, with a laid-back, small community feel. Click here to find the review.
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