Voiceover for A Pocketful of Mousetraps
Local comedian extraordinaire, Patrick Draper (the husband) finished his pancake day-themed comedy podcast today, ‘A Pocketful of Mousetraps‘ , with comics James Billington and Fran Jenkins. They roped me in to help on a a couple of voices… Great fun!
11 Feb 2015 in News, by
Filming Sainsbury’s ‘Giggle’
So, we filmed the Sainsbury’s ‘giggle’ commercial for Red Nose Day today. The Red Noses were SO cute; funniest part of the filming! a ‘puppeteer’ (crew & runners) for each red nose. Liz, the director, definitely knew her stuff when it came to dealing with William – and the little stand-in guy. I would change the old adage ‘never work with children and animals’ to ‘never work with your OWN children or animals. Work with other people’s- then you can give them back at the end of the day!…’
04 Feb 2015 in News, by