Costume Fitting for Sainsbury’s Ad
Today happened to be the day William and I were to have our ‘costume fitting’ for the Sainsbury’s ad we’d bagged, on the same day that I’d agreed to film for another Hillarys blinds promo. But that’s ok, Sally at VPoint was very understanding and made sure that the filming was sorted in good time for me to scoot to the train station. I didn’t bank on heavy snow, though. That, along with the fact that I had relied totally on my iPhone sat nav to get to the filming venue house, and my iPhone now had no signal, meant that I potentially had a very hairy journey in driving snow to Leicester train station. After getting a ‘bit’ lost and a few desperate phone calls to my husband for help, I ended up going back to the filming venue house and following the film crew half way back to Notts before seeing a road sign for Leicester & just praying for more signs to the train station. My husband, Paddy, met me at Leicester station with William an hour later than planned. Much later, when we were back home and the dust had settled, Paddy and I discussed the […]
29 Jan 2015 in News, by
Filming This Little Piggy
Filmed ‘This little piggy‘ another short film for Nick Kirk, for the Reed film competition. It was FREEEEZING! Started around 6pm, finished the next morning around 3am…, but that’s filming for you! It was ok, though, because I shared the filming with actor Tony Claason, who is good company, so we had a good laugh.
19 Jan 2015 in News, by
Healthcare at Home film
Played the part of ‘concerned wife’ for the Healthcare at home online film (‘John’s Story’). The film crew at Iceni were totally professional, as always, even when faced with a slight problem in that I am 5′ and my ‘husband’ was well over 6’… They found a very sturdy box for me to stand on to give ‘hubby’ the big “oh dear you’ve got cancer?” Hug.
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