Shine Smart Insurance Online Film
Filmed another Shine Smart Insurance online film in Burton on Trent. Got to crash a few more high-end motors! Ha! The joys of film…
23 Sep 2014 in News, by
Filming for Spool
Spent a fab couple of days filming for Spool films, for the Newark Civil War Centre who will be launching a brand new museum and site (complete with interactive trail, using a smartphone app) next year. Played the part of Lady In Waiting to Queen Henrietta Maria (second from left!). Costumes were borrowed from the RSC, no less… The queen was played by Elizabeth Berrington. Lizzy has had all sorts of great tv jobs, including the role of Elaine Pearson in Episode 4 of the first series of W1A, one of my faves, so was great to meet her.
02 Sep 2014 in News, by